Beaconstac Extension

Owners of small businesses like restaurants, coffee shops, car mechanics and so on make great efforts to attract customers by building a mobile app providing information about future events, encouraging clients to join their loyalty program and stay up to date with the most recent offers and new items. Having in mind not just business owners, but great tourist guides, shopping malls, we are proud to share our partnership with the amazing Beaconstac team who are the best in Beacon marketing and advertising solution.

shoutem and beaconstac

In today’s world, where most of the population is leaning on Internet information and mobile apps in order to stay in the circle of relevant information for new products and services,  beacons notifications can have a big impact and increase the relevance of your business. The result of the partnership is allowing you to have your own proximity marketing app.

How does it work?

Beacon hardware and Shoutem platform are two individual products working together via the Beaconstac extension available in the Shoutem marketplace. Later we will show how to add Beaconstac extension in your app, firstly let’s meet the basics required to have a beacon app:

  1. The subscription on the Shoutem platform
    If you haven’t yet, register on the Shoutem platform and start building your app. The features you will use and set of color is completely your choice. If you would need assistance with building your app and would like for us to take care of everything, reach out to our team of experts for further arrangements
  2. The subscription on the Beaconstac portal
    Purchase Bluetooth beacons from the Beaconstac team per your choice, and manage your beacon notifications on their portal.
  3. App publishing & maintenance
    Shoutem team will handle the whole publishing process to both Stores, but you are required to have your own Store developer accounts where the app will be published.
    For Beacon-related inquiries, feel free to reach out to the Beaconstac support team for further assistance.

Step 1: Install Beaconstac extension from Shoutem marketplace

Most extensions in the builder are already pre-installed, but this particular extension needs to be installed from the Extension marketplace before you could actually add a Beaconstac screen to your app. The process is the same as when you are adding a new screen to the app.

In the builder under the Extensions tab, click on the + button from where the Extensions marketplace widow will be opened. The Beaconstac extension can be found in the MARKETPLACE section.

install beaconstac

Step 2: Beaconstac Settings page

After installing the extension as shared in Step 1, navigate to the Settings page from the left menu bar, and select Beaconstac settings under Extensions settings.

beaconstac settings

The Developer token and Organization ID is retrieved from the Beaconstac portal. For guidelines on where to find the required token and ID, please visit the official guidelines page from the Beacosntac team, where you will find a detailed PDF document.

Step 3: Add Beaconstac screen

Once you installed the extension as shared in the first step, you will be able to find it on the Screens list. Go to Screens → click the + button → search for Beaconstac → click to add it as a screen to your app.

Adding the Beaconstac screen to your Main navigation is the final step of integrating the Beacons feature on the Shoutem platform. Beaconstac screen will automatically list notifications near you.

How does it look?

The beacons screen has static look which can’t be adjusted (meaning that you cannot change the background image nor the message presented on the screen). The Beaconstac team manages that content, it is how the extension is developed.

mobile app beaconstac


Have in mind notifications will not display in the simulator preview in the builder as it is just a simulator placed in your Internet browser, and doesn’t have the functionality of a real mobile device.

Want us to create an app with Beaconstac integration for you? Schedule a call here and get your app published in just 10 days!