Shoutem Partners with Ginger Commerce on Cannabis Apps

Shoutem is further investing in improving features for cannabis apps with today’s announcement of an exclusive agreement with cannabis D2C e-commerce platform Ginger Commerce.  The deal aims to make it easier for Ginger Commerce clients from California to improve user experience by providing a new selling channel – mobile apps. App Store Restrictions Update Last

App Marketing Guide: How to Drive Customer Acquisition

App developers know they have succeeded once they see a massive number of downloads and positive reviews in the app stores. However, getting there is an uphill battle and is quite a challenging process. Quality doesn’t always translate to downloads and revenue. The cards are in your hands. All you need to do is develop

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Acquisition for 2022

While it may seem complicated to attract new customers, it’s just a matter of choosing the proper strategy for your target audience and sticking it.

If you want to have a successful and growing business, keep reading to learn all about customer acquisition and the strategies to achieve it.

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Acquisition for 2022