How Hard is the CPA Exam?


Ok. So how difficult is the CPA exam to pass, really? Is it harder than the bar? Let’s be honest. The CPA exam crazy difficult compared to the bar exam. It sucks. Anyone who says it was a piece of cake and they passed by only studying for a few hours is a total liar. … Read more

CPA Exam Score Release Dates for 2022


I can remember taking the CPA and waiting for what seemed like forever to find out if I passed or not. Back in the day, NASBA didn’t have targeted release dates or an online system where you could just login to check your status. You were stuck waiting for a letter to come in the … Read more

5 Reasons Why You are Going to Fail the CPA Exam


Ok. I admit this headline is a little pessimistic, but it’s really true. I talk with CPA exam candidates all the time who work really hard at studying and end up failing a section by a couple of points. Few things in life are quite as devastating as opening your exam results and seeing a … Read more

Which CPA Exam Section Should I Take First and Why?


A lot of people ask me which CPA exam section they should take first. You might be wondering the same thing. Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy. Everyone is different and is better with some subjects and worse with others. Telling everyone to take the same section first doesn’t make a lot of sense. Instead, what … Read more

CPA Exam Format, Sections, and Requirements


The CPA exam or the Uniform CPA Examination is recognized as one of the most difficult professional exams. Believe me. I know how difficult it is. Six months of studying and four sections later, I passed the entire CPA exam the first time. If you have sat for one section, you know this is no … Read more